We’ve been Greenlit on Steam!

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Thanks to your support we have been greenlit on Steam! That means the game will be available through Steam for Windows,  Mac OSX, and Linux. The Steam SDK will also allow us to integrate trophys, trading cards, and all the other Steam goodies. We may consider doing Early Access if it makes sense and there’s enough interest from the community.

Second Lunch Studios is now a Steam Partner and PlayStation Developer (more on that later).

Happy 4th!

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Patriotic Dog, Leonard.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Leonard could do without the fireworks but he’s still proud to celebrate America’s birthday. It’s also Leonard’s birthday but he’s more concerned hiding in the bathroom than making a big fuss over himself. He’s selfless like that. Now that he’s an adult it’s probably safe to desensitize him with some violent video games so he can enjoy his next birthday.

Welcome to Second Lunch Studios!

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Second Lunch Studios Stacked Logo

Hi, my name is Hoa X. Nguyen. This is the Second Lunch Studios development blog where I will be providing you with updates to our new game studio, our game development process, and the occasional food recipe (we all have to eat right?).