The Whole Beast

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The Whole Beast will be one of the majestic creatures Leonard will encounter on his adventure. A member of the boar genus, Whole Beasts are known for their delicate palettes which stems from their sense of smell. They love to cook with the freshest ingredients, balancing flavors and textures but are sometimes heavy handed with the truffles.



Hench Persons: Bag Guys

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Hey everyone feast your eyes on some new concept art! Leonard’s arch-nemesis the bag guys (haha, get it?!?) are definitely up to no good! What dastardly schemes are they cooking up?

Meet Our Hero: Leonard

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Leonard running

Leonard is the clever, lovable, hero of our game. He’s not always the biggest or bravest pup but he has a heart of gold. He’s the hero the city deserves not the one it needs right now. He’s also wicked fast.